children at play
It's been 15 years since the Columbine Massacre, and since then, nearly 200 more students have died in the US from school shootings. I don't think the solution is more guns. That won't scare the suicidal. I don't think the solution is fewer guns. The number of guns just doesn't matter, statistically. I don't think the solution is better mental health care. Crazy people don't seek help, and like it or not, some of these kids aren't crazy. I don't think the solution is women's rights, or men's rights, because most of these kids kill indiscriminately. I don't think the media is to blame--they horrify, not glorify. I don't think Marilyn Manson or violent video games or white privilege or black power or war or capitalism or bowling are anything more than fashionable blame victims. I think every social species has its killer instincts, and they all have their moments of self-destruction. So, I present this piece. Not as a solution, but as my own cash-cow, sold to an overprotective America.